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Welcome To Krav Maga Yashir!

We Teach Authentic Israeli Krav Maga. Our Training Center (Free On-Site Parking Available) Is Only 20 Minutes South Of Lowell

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Welcome To Krav Maga Yashir!

Welcome to Krav Maga Yashir! We teach authentic Israeli Krav Maga, direct from the source. Head Instructor, Gershon Ben Keren (5th Degree Black Belt), received both his instructor training and certifications in Israel, and has been training in Krav Maga since 1994. Our Krav Maga training center is a 20 minute drive South of Lowell, and is conveniently located off of I-93 and I-95 (We have free on-site parking). Our school only teaches Krav Maga i.e., we are not a martial arts schools which offers a Krav Maga program alongside others, such as BJJ and Muay Thai. Krav Maga teaches solutions to violence in all the dimensions of a fight e.g., when standing, when seated, when on the ground etc., and doesn’t need to be supplemented with other martial arts, self-defense styles, or fighting systems etc. If you would like to read more about Krav Maga please click here. You can also find out more about our Krav Maga Instructor team by clicking here, and if you are ready to start training in what is recognized as the world’s most effective and efficient method of close combat, you can sign up for one of our introductory Krav Maga seminars using the button below.

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) About Krav Maga?

The best way to start training at Krav Maga Yashir is to take one of out introductory seminars. These are 90-minutes long and prepare you to join our regular classes, allowing you to hit the ground running. To learn more about them please click here.

We charge $185/month for unlimited Krav Maga Training ($155 if you are a veteran or currently serving military, a first-responder, full-time student or a teacher K-12). We don’t require you to sign any long-term contract, and only require thirty days written notice of cancellation. There are no hidden or extra charges e.g., we don’t charge additionally for gradings and belts etc. Whilst you are a member of the school you also get access to our online resources, which includes a catalog of virtual classes, along with a database of techniques and drills etc. If you are interested in becoming a member of the school, the best way is to take one of our introductory seminars. You can sign up for one of these using the button below.

Introduction To Krav Maga Seminar

The reason that most people put off starting to learn Krav Maga is because they are concerned about their fitness levels i.e., they aren’t fit enough. Rather than wait to get fit enough to train – and without taking a class you won’t be able to judge when that is – use your Krav Maga training as a way to get fit. Taking a Krav Maga class is more enjoyable than pounding the treadmill, and as you train you will develop new skills and learn how to effectively defend yourself – and others – from violent assaults. Use the button below to sign up for our introductory seminar, where you will be able to see that Krav Maga is an accessible physical activity.

Introduction To Krav Maga Seminar

Violence is contextual. In a combat sport such as MMA, a fight is both consensual and structured: both participants want to fight, both fighters know the place and time of the fight, and a referee will let them know when the fight will begin etc. In real-life confrontations, violence is unexpected and is something that one person(s) imposes on another. Other major differences is that competitors in an MMA contest know that they don’t have to be concerned with their assailant pulling a weapon or having others come to assist them. Because of this a different approach to real-world violence needs to be taken. This doesn’t mean that people lead less skills and abilities than MMA fighters to be able to strike/punch and grapple effectively but rather the nature of training has to take into account a confined environment, weapons and multiple assailants etc. One thing that Krav Maga and MMA have in common is that both approaches recognize that you must be competent to deal with pressure in all dimensions of a fight e.g., when standing and/or when on the ground etc. If you want to get a better understanding of the approach that Krav Maga takes for dealing with real-life violence, you can sign up for one of our introductory Krav Maga seminars by using the button below.

Introduction To Krav Maga Seminar

Whilst sparring doesn’t replicate real-life violence, it is a useful tool in developing fighting skills and abilities, and this is why we offer opportunities for students to spar. We have classes where there is a sparring option for those who feel they have developed the necessary skills to make this a worthwhile endeavor.

Krav Maga Yashir teaches two approaches to fighting when on the ground. These are: “ground survival” and ground-fighting. The first approach looks at how to survive when on the ground, in order to get back to standing whilst the other looks at potential/possible ways to finish the fight when on the ground. In many cases when you find yourself on the ground, you will be dealing with standing aggressor’s, and so the option and opportunity to finish a fight when on the ground will be somewhat limited. In such instances it is usually necessary to get back on your feet in order to deal with an attack. This is one of the ways in which real-life violence differs from a combat sport such as BJJ. Another major difference is that Krav Maga assumes that your environment may restrict what you can do e.g., you are fighting between seats, in the back of a car or in an environment with tables and chairs etc., such things can effect your ability to perform and apply techniques that may have been practiced in a more open setting.

Krav Maga Classes Lowell

Krav Maga Books

Gershon Ben Keren's books on Krav Maga are a great resource for Krav Maga practitioners. All of the books have photographs that are full color, and were taken in the types of locations where violence occurs, such as pubs, bars and transit stops etc. To leran more about these books please click here.

Krav Maga Google Author Talks

Gershon Ben Keren has presented two Google Author Talks concerning the contents of two of his books on Krav Maga. These hour long presentations explain how it is possible to predict, identify and prevent being the target/victim of a violent event.

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